Industria 40

A highly complex project made up of 116 electrical panels was manufactured by Kuadrotek

We have manufactured a highly complex project that has not been completely industrialized by our client, which for us achieves a milestone to improve and overcoming the level of industrialization.

The project consists of 9 types of electrical panels where each one has an average of 1800 cables. In total, 116 panels were manufactured for a total of 208,800 cables.

For quality reasons that this project requires, we have qualified in the 150085-2 standard for the purchase and revision of welded metal structures.

In this project we also produce the power supply and connection kits for the locomotives and with this we used the 100% of Kuadrotek’s resources, such as the automated processes of cutting, crimping and labeling of cables and cutting, fold and punching of cooper plates, cutting of metal plates with laser and the folding of personalized mounting plates.

The industrialization of the cabling and the quality tests were carried out using quality machines with a high level of precision and high reliability such as the machines with which we work, Cable Test and Full Test.

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