We do provide our services to several highly competitive sectors, in which the high level of added value of our projects gives us in a leading position. We always try to follow the same principle of maximal technological integration, in order to boost the efficiency and competitiveness of our projects, allowing us, in the same time, to make them clean and eco-friendly as possible, which also is one of our main goals.

A talent for


By combining our experience with the most innovative processes of harnessing and switchboards integration, we’re able to offer you the best manufacturing techniques in the railway sector. We use automation in order to reach the highest level of precision and reliability in the cutting, labeling and wiring process.


In order to improve the power efficiency of our client’s installation, as well as offering the highest levels of security and reliability, we always pay a deep attention to this kind of projects. Our fully integrated systems are based on the most advanced technology, which allows us to provide complete solutions of both energy production and energy conveying. Our skills and knowledge, as much as the quality of our infrastructure projects, are endorsed by all the main companies of the sector.


The services we offer are designed to be easily integrated, to always improve the efficiency of our client’s installations, and to promptly become a key part of any kind of industrial facility. They can be implemented at any stage of production.

Machinery manufacturer (OEM)

We can provide a full set of electrical supply and equipment for industrial machinery manufacturing, as well as consulting and engineering services in this domain.


We offer a whole set of fully integrated electrical and control applications.

Find out which ones of KUADROTEK services are best suited for your own business. Ask us and we’ll provide you with new and innovative solutions of switchboards and automation.