We are aimed at highly competitive strategic sectors with great potential, where we are consolidating our position day by day by providing high added value. We apply the integration of technology to increase its productivity and competitiveness, while fulfilling our significant commitment to the environment.

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We lead the manufacture techniques in the railway sector using our know-how and ability to innovate in the field of switchboard integration and harnessing. We use automation techniques that provide a high level of precision and reliability in the cutting, labelling and connections of the wiring.


We pay special attention to this type of project in terms of safety and reliability to improve the efficiency of our clients’ installations. Our system based on high technology enables us to offer a complete solution with high added value in global applications, from the production, generation and transmission of electrical energy, which ensure our knowledge and infrastructure is recognised by the main companies in the sector.


Our engineering service and manufacture portfolios are designed to be a fundamental part of industrial plants at all stages of production. In these projects we seek to improve the efficiency of the installations.

manufacturer (OEM)

We offer complete supplies of all electrical equipment for the machine and consultancy and electrical engineering in its development. In addition, we collaborate with the technical office on matters of safety.


We offer both electrical and control execution applications, thus providing fully integrated solutions.

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