We are experts in the design, development and launch of electric switchboards of control panels for automation in all types of installations and industrial processes; and benchmarks in the integration of automation processes for the railway sector.

We are part of Elektra Group, leader in the electrical sector for more than 40 years. Together we direct our efforts towards a shared goal: to provide value to our clients thanks to professionals who seek excellence in manufacture and service.



We lead the manufacture techniques in the railway sector using our know-how and ability to innovate in the field of switchboard integration and harnessing. We use automation techniques that provide a high level of precision and reliability in the cutting, labelling and connections of the wiring


We pay special attention to this type of project in terms of safety and reliability to improve the efficiency of our clients’ installations. .

We keep
on innovation


Design with Eplan

The first step is to develop the multi-line diagram with details of all the connections with section and colour, which makes it possible to extract a list of connections. .

Design with Solidworks

Using SOLIDWORKS platform, we have the capacity to design complex busbar systems for electrical panels up to 6300 A, allowing their subsequent automated manufacturing on a copper bar processing machine: cutting, punching, threading and bending of copper bars, either bright or tinned.


Commitment to daily improvement
We subject our processes to exhaustive checks to guarantee quality and comply with international standards.