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Over the years, it’s primarily through technological innovation that Kuadrotek has become such an important player on the industrial switchboard manufacturing market. We specialize in the design and assembly of IEC/UL custom electrical switchboards, both suited for energy distribution and for control and automation of manufacturing operations. On the other hand, for the railway sector, we also stand in a market leading position in automated harnessing processes.

Creativity isn't only
a new path,
but a new vision

Every project undertaken by Kuadrotek is based on our custom 4.0 engineering system, which allows us to fully automatize mechanical and electrical manufacturing processes, and to maximize efficiency in both aspects.

Our goal is to become the main technological partner of our customers willing to automatize part of their manufacturing processes.

You can rely on our long experience in designing, planning and carrying out all sorts of projects, either if you’re looking to build a new electrical installation, or to expand and/or upgrade an already existing one.

Our natively integrated engineering and manufacturing model have proven many many times to be as sturdy as versatile, and allows us to consistently pick and implement both the electric and the production/control technology best suited for any kind of needs. We also possess our own 6000m2 manufacturing plant, automated for the most part and fully paired with the top of the line design systems we have at our disposal (EPLAN Platform, Solidworks and Interface Harnessing, this later software being developed by our own engineers). This means that we can always guarantee the highest level of quality and reliability of our products, in their design but also in the components preparation and assembly.

Our motto:

Leadership, creativity and innovation

Our principles


By constantly improving, through upgrades and through innovation, the efficiency of our design and manufacturing processes, we’re able to always provide our clients with the best solutions at a very competitive cost.


We consider that acting with upmost transparency and flexibility in each and every step of the projects we are granted with always constitute the best way to comply with the specific needs of any costumer.


In order to do so, we always try to upgrade and solidify our communication procedures, both internally and externally, with our customers and our different partners.


By thoroughly analysing first, along with our customers, the specific goals of every project hey have in mind, we’re able to carry on with his implementation focusing mainly on reaching the highest levels of quality and reliability of the final product, in every aspect and caring for every little detail.

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ELEKTRA was founded in 1978. From the very beginning, the company always had the same goal of reaching technical excellence with its electrical products. It all started in San Sebastián, in the Basque Country, with an initially small workshop from which ELEKTRA manufactured and distributed specialized electrical equipment. The company quickly tried to solidify his position on both the national and the international market, by designing a policy of continuous expansion that remained unchanged to this day, and still is one of the key elements of his success.

With over 40 years of experience in the business, 17 partner companies for distribution, 50 retail points and over a thousand direct employees, ELEKTRA GROUP has now become the biggest Spanish company for electrical and electronic equipment distribution.

It is made up of many different companies, which were included over the years. Some of them are actually older than the group itself, other ones were created more recently, but all of them are consistently expanding since they joined ELEKTRA GROUP.

ELEKTRA GROUP is the most dynamic in his sector of activity. All the members companies rely on a highly qualified staff that shares the same general objectives: always offering the best products and services to our customers, whether we’re talking of electric equipment assembling companies, machinery manufacturers, or the end user.

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