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We are leading the evolution of switchboard manufacturing through innovation. We are specialised in the design and manufacture of power and control switchboards, for all types of industrial sectors under UL and IEC regulations. We are bencjmarks in automated harnessing processes in the railway sector.

Creativity is not
a new
way, but a
new vision

All our procedures are based on production engineering 4.0 that allows us to automate mechanical and electrical processes, rising them to their maximum potential.

Our aim is to become our customers technological partner, for the outsourcing of part of their production processes through automation.

We have extensive experience in the design and execution of projects for new installations, expansions and upgrades of production processes.

We integrate very dynamic systems with a high level of flexibility to select the most suitable technology in terms of both electricity systems and control. We have our own installations of 6,000 m2 where our pathfinder productive process is automated. This allow us to guarantee a high level of reliability in assembly with exceptional quality trough maximum integration with our design engineering systems (EPLAN Platform, Solidworks and Interface Harnessing , software developed by Kuadrotek), for a high level CAD/CAM station. 

Our personality
leadership, creativity
and innovation



Our maxim is to offer our customers the best solution, without renouncing to the competitiveness that nowadays the market requires. In order never to lose sight of this objective, efficiency in our design and production processes is a key factor when offering our services. Consequently, we have no qualms about our commitment to innovation as one of the hallmarks of KUADROTEK.


We do our utmost to adapt to our clients’ needs with maximum flexibility in all the stages of the projects. Our team stands out for its high capacity for work, collaboration and effort channelled into successfully achieving our clients’ goals.


To generate an environment of confidence and certainty, we have enhanced our communications systems at international level as well as with our clients and colleagues.


We identify our objectives and channel all our efforts into meeting them, setting demanding targets in accordance with the client’s goals.

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ELEKTRA came into being in 1978 with a marked technical vocation in the electricity sector. It began its activity in San Sebastian (Gipuzkoa), in a small pavilion, from which ELEKTRA started to distribute electrical equipment with added value.

The heads of the company determined that one of the strategic goals was to increase their market, so they launched an expansion policy that is still maintained today as one of the keys to Elektra’s success, becoming a leading business group in its sector.

ELEKTRA GROUP is market leader in the distribution of electrical and electronic equipment. It has more than 40 years of experience, 17 distribution companies, more than 50 retail outlets and 1060 employees.

ELEKTRA GROUP has consolidated itself as a reference in the electrical equipment distribution sector, and maintains its principal objective of providing value to its clients. It is made up of classic companies in the distribution of electrical equipment, some that have been present in the market for more than 40 years, alongside more recently created companies.

They are all achieving above-average growth in their areas, which makes the ELEKTRA GROUP one of the most dynamic in the sector. The companies that make up the ELEKTRA GROUP have professional staff, who share the business project of the GROUP, which seeks excellence in customer service, for its main clients, electrical installation companies, machinery manufacturers and end user companies.

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