We provide our experience and knowledge in switchboard solutions for electric distribution and control and automation of machinery and processes, proposing the best solution to our clients, to meet the end client’s specifications.

We have the most advanced switchboard solutions in the world in electric distribution and control and industrial automation.

We'll help you in your projects with high performance switchboard solutions that comply with the current regulations

  • UNE-EN 61439-1

    LV switchgear and controlgear
    assemblies - General Rules

  • UNE-EN 61439-2

    Electrical panels and electrical
    equipment of machines

  • UNE-EN 60204-1

    Safety of machinery.
    Electrical equipment of

  • UL891


  • UL845

    Motor Control Centers

  • UL508A

    Industrial Control Panels

Projects undertaken by Kuadrotek are developed using engineering 4.0 for production, that focuses on the industrialisation of mechanical and electrical manufacturing processes.

To do so, the components database of the EPLAN PLATFORM has all the necessary information (3D models of the components, templates for drilling and connection, etc.) so that once the design has been completed, the files necessary for the machine processing of the different parts of the switchboard can be exported.

In addition it has an engineering standardisation with schematic macros that simplify and streamline the development of the multi-line diagram, combined with a basic EPLAN project adapted to the desired production engineering.

Instalaciones de cuadros eléctricos

Engineering process

Starting with the client’s initial document such as a single-line diagram, a list of loads, etc., in conjunction with its technical specification and in accordance with the required manufacture standard, the production or detailed engineering is drawn up.

Design with Eplan

The first step is to develop the multi-line diagram with details of all the connections with section and colour, which makes it possible to extract a list of connections. It also includes a list of materials and other forms that the project may require, such as field connection drawings (terminals/conduits).

In the second step, we draw up the 3D design of the switchboard, based on the list of materials introduced in the multi-line diagram. The intended goals are as follows:

Draw up a fully defined 3D model.

Once the model has been validated, the necessary data is extracted to be able to industrialise the manufacture.

Machining files for processing the assembly plates and exterior closures in laser machinery, drastically reducing the handling time compared to doing so manually.

Files for automated manufacturing of the switchboard cables, providing the wiring specialist with a set of pre-processed cables: with terminals on both ends, marked with ink for the starting point and destination, and grouped to simplify the connections.

Design with

Using the SOLIDWORKS platform, at KUADROTEK we have the capacity to design complex busbar systems for electrical panels up to 6300 A, allowing their subsequent automated manufacturing on a copper strip processing machine: cutting, punching, threading and bending of the copper bars, either bright or tinned.

We carry out the complete development of the busbar system of the switchboard, with its horizontal and vertical busbars, and the connections to and from the circuit breakers, by means of copper connection blades or dedicated busbars.


Thanks to the design tools and machinery available at KUADROTEK, we can manufacture custom parts on plates, including holes, threads and the folds required.

We can also machine individual parts or sets of copper strip, based on a drawing supplied by the client. Thanks to the design tools we have available, we convert this preliminary information provided by the client into the machine files necessary to manufacture the parts.


In addition to automated manufacturing of cables for electrical switchboards, KUADROTEK offers the option of manufacturing custom sets of cables for use in various sectors. With a single table of data indicating the number of cables, length, section and colours desired, and the terminals to be fitted at both ends, these sets of cables are manufactured in the groups the client indicates.

Kua service

At Kuadrotek we offer maximum flexibility adapting to our clients’ most stringent and complex needs. To provide added value to projects, through the Kua service we offer a supplementary service for products that require further modification or technical solutions that are made directly at the client’s premises, dynamically and with extensive knowledge of the project. In collaboration with the client, the necessary activities are planned and a team of experts is defined to carry out the interventions required.

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